12 Best Cheap Hammocks For Camping for Under $60

There are a lot of benefits to hammock camping, but saving money isn’t necessarily one of them.  By the time you have all the gear you need, you could easily be over $500, and unlike a tent you can only fit one person in the hammock.

We’re here for you, with our list of the best cheap hammocks for camping for under $60.  We think camping should be as accessible as possible.  The high-end camping hammocks like Amok and Hennessy Hammocks are worth the money, but if you’re just starting out one of these will get you started.

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Choosing the right camping hammock can be a difficult proposition nowadays. The market has grown considerable with a wide choice of products. There are many factors you need to consider in choosing the right hammock. 

Budget is one of the main factors and a good place to start your research. This buying guide details the best camping hammocks for under $60. It will rank and review the best camping hammocks for under $60. It will also highlight the best features of camping hammocks in this price range. The buying guide will serve as a great aid in helping you buy the top camping hammock under $60.

Spending under $60 for a camping hammock is a good investment but it is important to understand what you will be getting for your money. We have found that the best camping hammocks for under $60 are ideal for outdoor excursions for two or three seasons. All of them are great to use in fair and good weather but if you like to camp in less hospitable environments, you will need to invest in extras. 

You may need to purchase a mosquito net, rainfly cover or tarp system for protection against the elements. An insulation pad or top quilt will also provide extra warmth. So you may need to adjust your budget depending on where you are planning on going and what you are doing.

The criteria for ranking the best camping hammock under $60 was based on rating the camping hammocks dimensions, price, strength, suspension system and weight. We also considered other factors which were comfort, materials, brand ethics & sustainability, customer service & warranty, ease of setup, storage and versatility.

Best Cheap Hammocks For Camping

Rank Camping Hammock Availability Price ($) Review
1 Serac Sequoia XL Wide Double [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/button groups=”Serac”] $$ Full Review
2 Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/button groups=”eno”]   Full Review
3 River County Products Hammocks [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/button groups=”River Country”]   Coming Soon
4 Wolfyok Lightweight Portable Double [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/button groups=”Wolfyok”] $ Full Review
5 Cutequeen Double Nest Parachute   $ Full Review
6 Wolfyok Lightweight Portable Single   $ Full Review
7 Golden Eagle Outdoor Double   $$ Full Review
8 Camp is Easy Rip Resistant Single   $$ Full Review
9 TNH Outdoors Premium Double   $$ Full Review
10 DA BENBEN Tent with Mosquito Net   $$$ Full Review
11 Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/button groups=”eno”] $$$ Full Review
12 Rocky Peak Single Person   $$ Full Review


In general we found that for both single and double hammocks the dimensions for camping hammocks under $60 were very good.

All hammocks were at least 8.2ft long and 4.5ft wide providing adequate capacity for most people. The Cutequeen Double Nest had the largest capacity followed by the Little River Co. Double and the Wolfyok Double.

Investing in a larger camping hammock is worthwhile as it provides extra support and more comfortable sleeping experience. 

Even if you are tall (over 6ft) you should have no problems finding a camping hammock under $60 that will sleep you comfortable without feeling claustrophobic. 


There is quite a variation in the price range for camping hammocks under $60. The cheapest hammock was the Cutequeen Double Nest at $13.99 which was real surprise when we reviewed. Overall the price range was between $40 and $60, although we would recommend monitoring the prices. We found that many of the brands offer regular deals and discounts on their products.  


Everything on our list of best cheap hammocks for camping is safe and reliable.  

None of the camping hammocks reviewed had a ​recommended maximum load of less than 400 lbs. That load is obviously more than adequate for one person. Some of the double hammocks were significantly stronger than 400 lbs.

So if you are looking to regularly share your hammock with someone else, you should consider them. The Wolfyok Double has a ​recommended maximum load of 660 lbs, while the Cutequeen Double and Golden Eagle Double are rated at 600 lbs. Loading the hammock with more than the recommended maximum load can reduce the lifespan of the product, and is potentially dangerous.

Suspension System

Finding a high quality suspension system on a camping hammock under $60 can be the biggest challenge. A high quality suspension system includes carabiners, ropes and tree straps. The carabineers have to be very strong but not too heavy that they add extra weight to the carry load. Our research has found that the wiregate carabiners are the ones that tick all the boxes.

The rope needs to be light and strong as well as been durable to prevent fraying. Also the rope needs to pliable so that knot tying is not a chore. Tree straps are the key to setting up your camping hammock easily and efficiently. High quality straps are tree-friendly, ensuring you don’t harm the tree when you hang your hammock.

They will have good length allowing you to wrap them around big trees or any other attachment point. The best tree straps will have many adjustment points and a daisy chain design providing maximum flexibility. Also they will be very light and quick to setup and fast to take down. 

High quality straps are tree-friendly, ensuring you don’t harm the tree when you hang your hammock.

The suspension systems for camping hammocks under $60 reviewed were of a quite high standard. Over 70% of the camping hammocks had a complete suspension system of carabiners, ropes and tree straps. Serac Sequoia XL Wide and Little River Co. double hammocks are equipped with the most flexible and durable suspension systems.


One of the main benefits of going camping hammock is that it will lighten your traveling load. Hammocks are great for hikers and anyone who is weight conscious when they exploring the great outdoors.

The weight of a hammock is a pivotal factor in determining whether it is a good value purchase. The heaviest camping hammock under $60 is the DA BENBEN camping hammock tent with mosquito net.

It includes a complete suspension system and plastic frame so it can be used as a travel bed as well. The Cutequeen Double Nest & Serac Sequoia XL Wide are the lightest camping hammock under $60 with complete suspension system included.


This is another very important consideration when buying a camping hammock under $60. Sleeping in a camping hammock is an unusual experience to begin with. Being being able to get comfortable quickly makes the experience more pleasant.

While comfort is a personal preference, overall the more space you have in your camping hammock the more comfortable the sleeping experience is. Obviously your size will also determine the amount of space you have in the hammock and also whether you are going solo or are with a partner.

Don’t expect to find a camping hammock that will sleep two adults comfortably in the under $60 price range. Hobo portable double, Golden Eagle Outdoor double and Serac Sequoia XL wide were the best camping hammocks under $60 for comfort.


The material used in camping hammocks has really evolved over the last few years. Nylon is now the go to material as it is light, durable, portable, water resistant and easy to wash and dry. Importantly the nylon material used is very breathable allowing air to penetrate through the fabric keeping your back cool and not sweaty.

Another improvement is in the way the hammock material is connected together. Many of the camping hammocks under $60 feature heavy duty triple interlocking stitching at the seams where the edges meet the center of the load-supporting seams.

This ensures the hammocks durability over a long period. The camping hammock manufacturers are now focused on providing the ultimate comfort which means most camping hammocks look and feel great. You will find that high quality materials and manufacturing has been used on all the camping hammocks under $60.

​Ease of setup 

Setting up a camping hammock can be a bit daunting initially. You will need to rig the suspension system which may include tying knots. You will also need to decide where to position your hammocks and choosing the best trees to rig the hammock. The evaluation of the ease of setup focuses on the ease and efficiency for novices more than experienced camping hammock users.

This is because purchasing a camping hammock under $60 is likely to be made by the novice camping hammocker. The setup for the majority of the camping hammocks only take a few minutes if you have clear instructions. Most of the manufacturers have helpful videos and advice on their websites, and YouTube is also a great resource.

​Brand ethics & Sustainability 

The makers of all the best cheap hammocks for camping have strong brand ethics. They are committed to operating in the right way by protecting the environment. Sustainable practices are at the forefront of how they manufacture the hammocks sold.

TNH Outdoors is founded by two environmental scientists who love the outdoor lifestyle. They have created a sustainability focused organization focused on minimizing waste and sourcing only from the best suppliers, they are a company facing up to a more efficient future.

Serac operate a no ropes suspension system. Instead every hammock they sell includes a set of free tree straps. This ensures that the principle of Leave No Trace protection of the trees where you hang your hammock. Hobo hammocks work closely with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Every single purchase provides a meal for the homeless in the local area. As well as supporting a homeless shelter they also have introduced a recycling program. Little River Co. has a partnership with One Tree Planted and 1% For The Planet. So your purchase helps save national parks and rainforests.

Customer service & Warranty 

The level of customer service from the camping hammock companies is very high. Many of these companies are small or family run businesses and understand the value of providing excellent customer service. You can expect all questions and enquiries to be answered in a speedily and friendly manner. 

Hobo Hammocks, Little River Co. and Serac hammocks are companies with a strong emphasis on excellent customer service as well as being very active on social media. The warranty period offered by most of the companies is also very good.

The shortest period is 90 days from Eagles Nest Outfitters who are the the most established brand in the industry. Five year to lifetime warranty’s are offered by Camp is Easy, Hobo hammocks, Golden Eagle Outdoor, Hobo hammocks, Serac hammocks and TNH Outdoors.

The warranty’s cover any breaks or malfunctions or anything outside of normal wear and tear. Please visit the companies sites for more details on returns or refunds and also to register your products.


Many of the camping hammocks under $60 have incorporated storage pockets. Integrated pouches will store the hammock and straps when hiking or kayaking and then doubles as a gear stuff sack when you’re hanging.

The best camping hammocks under $60 offer storage that is easily accessible when lying inside the hammock, allowing you to place footwear in a good-sized pocket before swinging your legs into the comfortable bed.

You’ll also keep items you need during the night close at hand without crowding your bed. The camping hammocks under $60 with the best storage were the Camp is Easy rip resistant single, Little River Co. double, Rocky Peak single and Serac Sequoia XL wide.


There are many reasons that attract people to hammocks apart from just sleeping in them. They are great for reading, napping, and lounging around, both alone and with a friend. If you want a camping hammock with versatility, double models are the best option. 

You can sit up or lay down, pile kiddos in, or pitch it under a tarp in bad weather. And if you are indeed camping out, there are plenty of accessories — from top quilts to underquilts to bug nets — that can be purchased separately to diversify and enhance your setup.

The DA BENBEN camping hammock tent with mosquito net is the most versatile camping hammock under $60. It can be used as a normal camping hammock or ground based tent. While it is the most multi-functional camping hammock under $60 it is also the heaviest. 

The Serac Sequoia XL Wide is amazingly spacious, durable but lightweight and includes everything you need to start relaxing straightaway.


Nothing beats that feeling of being at one with nature through camping or hiking. Camping allows the enjoyment of the wilderness—it’s just you or your companions trekking and savoring nature, away from the pressures of working life. Camping hammocks have been enjoyed for decades due to the comfort they bring.

They are great for most outdoor adventures as they offer the most compact and lightweight ways to relax and sleep. If you are new to hammock camping you probably don’t want to spend too much money right away. Fortunately there are these best cheap hammocks for camping available to purchase now.

They are made from strong and durable material, spacious and comfortable to sleep in. Many of the camping hammocks also have all the accessories you need to use your new camping hammock straightaway, including tree-friendly straps. Finally most of them are very easy to setup and have excellent customer service and warranties.

We hope this buying guide will enable you to choose the right camping hammock under for you.  Got more budget?  Check out the full buying guide here.

Next Step Up

Want something a little nicer?  Here are some that take it to the next level, but still aren’t quite as good as the best camping hammocks.

There are a few aspects that one should consider while buying a hammock such as cost, weight, dimensions, best use, capacity, strength, where to buy, straps, etc. There is an array of great options in various price ranges when it comes to camping gear. If the buyer is planning to use their hammock a lot, it makes more sense to spend money on quality rather than looks.

The buyer should purchase a hammock that they will be able to use for a long time instead of just one or two trips. The next important aspect to consider while buying a hammock is its weight. A difference of a few ounces does not seem like a big deal but keeping the weight down is important for outdoor adventures.

Another important aspect is the dimension of the hammock. The longer and wider the hammock is, the more comfortable it is for you. When it comes to sleeping, a long, wide hammock allows you to lay at an angle which is the most comfortable position.  The longer a hammock is, the flatter you will be.

Top Ten Best Camping Hammocks

Buy Now Camping Hammock Price Rating
Buy Now

Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock with Straps and Carabiners

$$  4.7/5
Buy Now

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps

Full Review

$$  4.8/5

Da BenBen Camping Hammock Tent with Mosquito Net

Full Review

$  4/5
Buy Now

Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock

Full Review

 $  4.7/5
  Ultra-Durable Camping Double Hammock  $  4.7/5
  Neolite Double Camping Hammock  $$  4.7/5
  Premium Camping Hammock  $$  4.8/5
  Rip Resistant Parachute Camping Hammock  $  4.7/5
  Trek Light Gear Double Hammock  $$  4.7/5

Hobo Hammocks Double Camping Hammock

$  4.9/5

The five best camping hammocks worth a deeper look are the following:

Sawtooth Double Hammock with Straps and Carabiners

Hammocks are not an easy buy. You need to consider every feature of the camping hammock before purchasing it. The Sawtooth Double Hammock comes equipped with carabiners and straps.

This camping hammock provides a complete kit for comfort and relaxation. We advise you to not purchase a hammock without premium carabiners and tree straps as it takes a lot of time to set it up without them.

Moreover, the procedure of setting up that hammock is difficult. A hammock without tree straps would not be used often. The complete kit of Sawtooth Double Hammock includes military-grade parachute nylon with storage pocket and utility loops. This hammock is portable and lightweight therefore it’s easy to carry it wherever and whenever you want.


This camping hammock comes with a kit that assists you in relaxing within a few minutes with the help of its smooth, wire-gate carabiners and fast setup suspension straps. You can adjust the height of your hammock easily by clipping the carabiner into one of the 14 strap loops.

Thanks to this system, you would not have to move the tree straps. The main advantage of Sawtooth Double Hammock is that it is more comfortable and larger than other camping hammocks.


This camping hammock comes with various pros. The two main pros of the Sawtooth Double Hammock are:

Reliable and Strong – This hammock is made with triple-stitched parachute nylon that not only enhances its strength, but also makes it more reliable. This hammock – which can easily be used for outdoor camping – is extremely durable, lightweight, and weather resistant. Furthermore, the Sawtooth Double Hammock can support around 400 lbs without sacrificing its comfort or breathability.

Portable and Multipurpose Versatility – The Sawtooth Double Hammock can be packed into a small 9″ x 6″ x 6″ stuff bag for mobility. This two-person parachute hammock provides more flexibility than other standard camping hammocks. With the help of utility loops, it can be used as a beach blanket, tent cover, shelter or sunshade to give some shade in case of bad weather or harsh heat.


The Sawtooth Double Hammock has received high ratings and great reviews on the internet retailing sites. However, there have been a few complaints as well. A user claimed that they fell out of the hammock a number of times and it was too narrow for them. Some users have complained that the product is not very comfortable and has very less capacity.

This hammock is designed to have sufficient room for multiple children or two adults in the 6.5’ wide and 10’ long canopy. Another feature of the hammock is its stuff bag and eight convenient utility loops in which you can hang or store books, water bottles, snacks, or Bluetooth speakers.

Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock with Tree Straps and Aluminum Carabiners - Complete KIT - Lightweight Portable Parachute Nylon for Backpacking Hiking Travel Beach Park Yard. (Orange)

Click on the Sawtooth Double Hammock for the best price

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TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock

Another amazing camping hammock for you would be TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock that comes equipped with straps. This camping hammock is made to last a long time so if you are planning to use your camping hammock often, then this is the product for you. This hammock has quality, durability and the best customer service.


People who love to spend their time outdoors in the playground or garden need a product that is of best quality. If they want a camping hammock that is both inexpensive and durable, then they need to take a look at the TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock.

This hammock is giving tough competition to the rival brands with its high rating and positive reviews. TNH camping hammock is the perfect balance of price, size and quality and therefore gives the customers the best value for their money.


The TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock is great for backpacking, hiking or chilling out on the beach. The brand TNH offers the best value and services at a reasonable price. The product is rated highly not only on the major online retailing sites, but also the sellers in the brick-and-mortar stores recommend this hammock. This is a quality camping hammock that uses the best quality nylon that remains breathable and lightweight and feels like silk.

We know that ropes are not of much use and almost all sellers charge you double for decent straps. However, with this camping hammock, you get free straps.


It is quite difficult to find a problem with this hammock. According to a buyer, the hammock is pretty decent but it’s not very reliable. The customer said that the hammock is larger than double nest and tree straps work very nicely but there is some problem with the stitching on the hammock.

The stitching is not the straightest. Another disadvantage of this particular hammock is its storage bag that ripped a bit at the top by the drawstring, according to one customer.

The brand TNH stands by what their customers say about them. They do not want to see their customer unsatisfied. Therefore, they offer the best products at reasonable prices. However, if you are still disappointed with something, just let them know and they will resolve the issue in no time. The company says that they are here to assist and treat their customers the way that they would expect to be treated themselves.

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Da BenBen Camping Hammock Tent

When we are discussing amazing and high-quality camping hammocks, we cannot ignore or forget this Camping Hammock Tent from DaBenBen. This hammock comes with not one but two tree straps, ropes, hooks and a mosquito net.

The Camping Hammock Tent is very compact and is very easy to install wherever you want. Moreover, the package of this hammock comes with everything that is required to set up the tent.

Furthermore, if you are planning to stay outdoors for the night and sleep, you can put your sleeping bag and pad inside the tent and it becomes convenient enough to nap in and relax.


The Camping Hammock Tent comes with various features. It is multifunctional and versatile.  You can use it as a small tent, a regular hammock, a sleeping bag, one-piece rainfly or a piece of ground mat. By putting the bug bar on the bottom, you can use this camping hammock tent as a regular hammock.

On the other hand, you can use it as a small house by setting up the mosquito net. You can also use it as a sleeping bag with two trekking poles.


With this hammock, you do not need to carry a heavy tent for a simple hiking, camping or any weekend outdoor activity. This specific hammock, which comes in several different colors, is fit for both kids and adults.

The weight capacity of this camping hammock is 440 lbs. Its length is 6.8-8.2 feet. After buying this, you do not need to worry about someone being overweight or too tall.


This camping hammock is not great for everyone. It has poor quality control. A user reported that her hammock did not have a zipper pull to unzip the mosquito net. Furthermore, we noticed that it was hotter than usual in this hammock and it was pretty difficult to stay comfortable.

The mosquito net, which is made of nylon mesh, lets you continue your camping without any fear of mosquito bites or rough sleep.

You do not need another strap for the mosquito net. Furthermore, buyers do not need to worry about the net being too low to sit up in the hammock.

This hammock is amazing as you do not need to worry about the net being too tight or too loose. The hammock includes 2 additional straps so you do not need to purchase another string to set it up.

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Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock

The Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock comes equipped with Quick-Hang Suspension System and Ripstop Nylon which makes it perfect for camping, backpacking, and travel. If you are one of those people who use their camping hammocks every second weekend or very often, this is the best camping hammock for you.


This product offers the kind of durability that one can rely upon for years to come. Yes, this product is a little more expensive than other hammocks but it is worth every penny. Durability is the top priority of Serac. The aluminum wire-gate carabiners and Diamondweave ripstop nylon can support weight of around 500 lbs.

The Serac Sequoia is one of the world’s popular and comfortable hammocks. The product increases your comfort with six gear loops that could double as anchor points for accessories or guylines such as underquilt or topquilt.


You can choose from several copycat hammocks these days. However, none of those hammocks come with what the Serac Sequoia Camping Hammock offers you. The best thing about this hammock is arguably its company or its manufacturer. The company has promised that they will accept the returned hammock if it does not satisfy the user.


We noticed that the hammock had bad quality ropes because they loosened and slipped out after a certain time – sometimes after an hour and sometimes in 30 or 40 minutes. We had to replace the ropes with better quality and expensive ones to use the hammock properly.

Serac offers the best customer service and their hammock is pretty easy to install. The camping hammock comes with ten anchor points that allow you to control the slack and height for your comfort.

With the Sequoia Hammock, you get two ultralight aluminum wire-gate carabiners, attached compression sack, two 6-foot tree straps, 5-year unlimited warranty and amazing customer service.

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Ultra-Durable Double Camping Hammock

The Ultra-Durable Double Camping Hammock, as the name suggests, is a highly durable product with some incredible features. This camping hammock is one of the largest hammocks in the market. Two adults can very conveniently settle in this camping hammock. The dimensions of this camping hammock are 114” x 78”.


This camping hammock comes with premium SlingStraps to suspend the hammock between poles, trees, and boat masts. The hammock is made of durable poly-filament. Therefore, it can be attached to thicker trees as well.

The Sling Straps are longer than most of the other camping hammocks’. In addition to this, the camping hammock is made of best-quality, breathable and comfortable parachute nylon with triple interlocked stitching.


The camping hammock features nautical-grade line, strong wire-gate and industrial-strength carabiners to support around 400 lbs. The producers of this hammock have said that they are focused on ensuring that the customers are satisfied with the product.

Another pro of this hammock is that it weighs just 1.9 pounds so it is quite easy to move around. If you like being comfortable and love being outdoors, this hammock from the Little River Co. is the accurate choice for you.


This hammock is very durable and is arguably the best as compared to other hammocks but if you are buying the camping hammock while selecting the “hammock-only” option, make sure that you have hanging straps selected.

The listing is not difficult to understand but some of us might miss it. The straps sold by them are amazing for this camping hammock and you should just buy them if you do not already have a set.

This camping hammock shrinks into a small pouch when it is not being used. Furthermore, the installation of the hammock takes no more than five minutes. If you find it difficult to set up the hammock, then just read the instructions that come with this product.


Those were the five best that we found after our evaluation of the Top Ten Best Camping Hammocks. If you are planning to sleep in your hammock, purchase the hammock that has most capacity. However, if you are planning to use it just for some entertainment and adventure, then choose the one with fast installation and best quality.

Nothing is hard to find and if you know what you actually want, then you can easily find the camping hammock that is most suitable for you.

Hammocks can be very convenient for outdoor adventures but they come with different sets of requirements as well. Therefore, before buying one, check their negative review too.

In addition to this, there are some hammocks that do not come with straps. Therefore, you will need to buy the straps separately from an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store. Lastly, there are some aspects that you should consider while buying the camping hammock online.

Always check the return policy of the seller before buying the hammock as you can almost always return the product within a certain time duration if you are not satisfied with it. We recommend you to buy the hammock that has positive reviews and great ratings.

We also recommend you to immediately test the camping hammock after you purchase it to check if it feels right for what you are planning to do with it.  We have bought several lightweight hammocks online and fortunately, we have not encountered any problems yet.