Top Camping Hennessy Hammock Scout Zip Review

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TCH Review: Hennessy Hammock Scout Zip 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Complete package 
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Complimentary Webbing Straps
  • Very comfortable sleeping
  • Environmentally friendly design

We Don't Like

  • Tarp could be bigger
  • Setup with knots quite complex
  • exclamation-triangle
    Height limit 

Summary: Do you think you could ditch your tent for good and sleep in a hammock on all your outdoor adventures? Sleeping in the classic Hennessy Hammock Scout Zip may lead you to ponder; Have I ever slept more comfortably when I have been camping?


The Hennessy Hammock Scout Zip offers the complete package for an outdoor adventurer. It is great hammock for young adventurers, Scouts and Guides or anyone within the height and weight limits. It is also a very economical choice with all the necessary accessories included. 

Dimensions: ​5.8ft long, 4ft wide

Price: $99.95

Strength: ​Recommended Maximum Load: 150 lbs

Suspension System: ​Two x 10' long 1200 lb. test polyester ropes, Low stretch 42" long x 1 1/2" wide polyester webbing straps called "tree huggers"

Weight: 2.6 lbs​

​Hennessy hammocks have earned their strong reputation in the industry. They have consistently provided the most innovative solutions to enjoying the great outdoors. The Scout Zip hammock features their "Original" non asymmetrical model with updated features. It now has a larger asymmetrical rainfly to improve head and feet coverage, when laying diagonally. The headroom of the hammock is for anyone up to 5' 8".

The designer founder Tom Hennessy, combines a life-long love of hammocks with a passion for innovation. He has been sleeping in hammocks for over 60 years. His experiences continue to drive and shape they way the company designs hammocks.

In 1999 they launched their first product which was a six-year personal design challenge for Tom. It was a bottom entry expedition sized model, a one-size fits all sturdy hammock system. They also introduced the unique patented entrance through the bottom. The product was a success but their customers wanted more. Their follow-up was the super comfortable asymmetrical shape, another ground breaking innovation. Adventure racers and long distance backpackers asked for an ultralight hammock. The Ultralight Backpacker was launched followed by the Hyperlite model. Meeting the demands of taller people was the next goal. The results were the Explorer Deluxe, the Explorer Ultralight and the Survivor. Finally there is the The Safari for super-sized comfort, completing the “Classic” bottom entry series.

The Scout Zip hammock like all Hennessy hammocks come complete with all the following accessories. Attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and stuff sack with set up instructions on back. Hennessy Hammock also provides complimentary standard 42" long "Tree Hugger" webbing straps to protect the bark of trees. 


  • Complete package - the complete package to get up and running straightaway no matter what the season is or the environment.
  • Integrated mosquito net - No-see-um mesh provides excellent insect protection and ventilation and will deflect wind, providing a calm space inside.
  • Complimentary Webbing Straps - complimentary 42" standard "tree hugger" webbing straps to protect the tender bark of trees. The smaller the diameter of the tree, the more times the webbing straps go around the tree to spread the load and protect the tree.
  • Very comfortable sleep - Patented integral ridgeline maintains the same comfortable shape to keep your back straight and level when resting on the diagonal.
  • Environmentally friendly design - The Hennessy Hammock is almost zero impact and an excellent example of a “Leave No Trace” shelter. The environmentally friendly design requires no ground levelling, trenching or staking.


  • Tarp could be bigger - The tarp is can be confusing, and difficult to line up perfectly with the hammock.
  • Setup with knots quite complex - It may take some time to setup if you don't have much experience with tying knots. Make sure you read instructions fully before setting up hammock for first time.
  • Height Limit - Only suitable for people under 5'8"

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