KLYMIT Traverse Double Hammock Review

It’s like floating in a pad of butter, so soft

Ben Hammockin'

In this review, we’ll cover the specifications and features of the Double Traverse Hammock from Klymit, one of the most comfortable hammocks we’ve ever experienced.

But first things first… this is a beautiful hammock.

It’s single panel design is super clean, leaving almost no seams anywhere in sight. This design also reduces stretching over time. The color scheme on the Double is super pleasing, with a tan fabric and river-stone motif on the under.

The suspension straps are colored to match, with blue webbing and tan stitching.

They are 11’ ft long with 18 daisy chain loops to give TONS of hanging versatility, and work in conjunction with the included aluminum carabiners for quick set-up and tear down.

The second thing that is truly magnificent about this hammock is how incredibly soft the fabric is!

If I could make sheets out of this hammock, I would.

Ben Hammockin'

The Traverse is made from a 75D woven polyester, that feels like the most luxurious hotel sheets you could ever imagine. It holds up to 400 lbs, and even being so thick, this hammock packs down to a mere 8.5 x 5.5 in (22 x 14 cm), and weights only 1.9 lbs.

You absolutely have to give this hammock a try. It seems like it would do well on the trail with compatible Bug Net and Rain Fly, but even as a back yard or beach hammock, the lounge factor on this thing is outta sight.

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Specs ‘n Stuff

Weight 1.9 lbs / 30 oz Dimensions 110 x 74 in / 280 x 188 cm Packed Dimensions 8.5 x 5.5 in / 22 x 14 cm Capacity 400 lbs Fabric 75D polyester Warranty 2 year

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