Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock And Rain Fly | Reviews By TCH

Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock And Rain Fly | Reviews By TCH
Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock And Rain Fly | Reviews By TCH
Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock And Rain Fly | Reviews By TCH

Why is the Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock so innovative?  What makes it the best hammock tent on the market?

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”? You know that thing of when you are lying on your hammock, desperately wishing it was a chair – only to walk over to your camp chair and curse yourself for ever leaving the comfort of the hammock. No? Not familiar? Same here. But, while we can’t say that we needed a combo hammock / camp chair we can definitively say that we are happy it’s here!


The Draumr (meaning “dream” in ancient Norse) Amok 3.0 Hammock is suspended by two points like a traditional hammock. However, unlike other camping hammocks, it’s suspension straps are attached to the sides of the hammock, allowing you to lay flat on the hammock (hence the term, flatlay hammock), comfortably sleeping on your back, side or stomach. This feature alone is a pretty nifty invention. But, wait, there’s more! By tightening the suspension straps, you are able to convert your hammock into a hanging hammock chair!

Check out this video to see the conversion in action!

Dimensions: 6.25ft long, 2.3 ft wide

Price: $199.95 (+ sleeping pad)

Strength: Recommended Maximum Load: 400 lbs

Weight: 2lb 15.6oz

Amok Equipment was founded in 2013 by a team of Norweigian outdoor engineers. The Draumr was the first hammock of its kind (launched in the summer of 2014) and became an instant sensation in the outdoor community. Despite the brilliant and complex design, set-up is actually quite simple. 

The Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock comes with a bug net, suspension kit, bottle holder, storage pockets and a spacious stuff sack. You WILL need to purchase a sleeping pad separately. Amok sells a few sleeping pads that will work with your hammock. Or, if you already own a sleeping pad, check out this list of compatible sleeping pads from other brands. We would also recommend purchasing one of their tarps, if you don’t already own one, to round out the kit.

Amok’s generous return policy allows you to keep your hammock for up to 60 days, test it out, and, if you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, return for an exchange or refund.

The hammock is difficult to find, and Tensile Tree Tent is similar, and a great alternative as well. Check that out here.

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Draumr AMOK 3.0 Hammock Amazon

Unfortunately, the AMOK hammock is currently unavailable on Amazon.  Draumr hammocks have been selling fast in North America, but you can double check blow.

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