Tentsile Tree Tent: A Love Story

Tentsile Tree Tent: A Love Story
Tentsile Tree Tent: A Love Story
Tentsile Tree Tent: A Love Story

When you think of a tent, what are some adjectives that come to mind? Compact? Durable? Lightweight? 

What about modern? Whimsical? Sleek? 

Honestly, the last 3 are not benchmarks we ever thought we would measure a tent against, but, when you think about it, why not? Why not combine form and function and come out the other side with a whole new take on what a temporary shelter can be. Cue the Tentsile Tree Tent.

(Image from Tentsile Facebook page).

What is a Tree Tent?

A tree tent, sometimes referred to as a “hanging tree tent” or a “suspended tree tent”, is essentially just a hybrid between a hammock and a tent. 

It’s sort of a best of both worlds scenario: you get the versatility and packability of a hammock AND the protection and size (Tentsile sells a 6-person tree tent!) of a traditional tent. 

And, of course, on top of all that there is the incredible wow factor of having your own portable tree house.

Benefits of a Tree Tent Versus a Traditional Tent

As we mentioned before, tree tents do share many of the same qualities as more traditional ground tents: both are designed to be lightweight, durable and easily packable.

The area where a tree tent has a traditional tent beat is right there in the name – the tree part! The suspension separates you from insects, ground animals and from cold or soggy ground. Plus, thanks to the few extra feet of elevation, you’ll be soaking in the sort of view you just can’t get from the ground.

Tentsile Product Features.

Let’s face it, part of the allure of these tents is just in the looks (have you ever seen a more photographic – and, by photographic, we mean Instagram worthy – tent)? 

But, unless your plan is to snag a few photos of you in the tent and then promptly pack it all back up, none of that really matters. So, the real question is, does Tentsile deliver on comfort as well as coolness?

The answer is a resounding yes! 

Tentsile has patented an “anti-roll strap system” – which basically just means that the straps on the multi-person models are designed to create seperate sleeping areas. No more slow rolling toward the middle of the tent. No more late night dogpiles. 

In addition, each tree tent comes with it’s own rainfly, which not only keeps your tent dry but also creates a large protected area underneath the tent, perfect for hanging out or storing gear.

How to Hang a Tentsile Tree Tent.

Tentsile offers 5 different sizes of tree tents based on the number of people each tent will hold.

Regardless of which model you choose, all Tentsile tree tents require 3 structural anchor points (aka trees!) to set-up these suspended shelters. The trees do not have to be in a perfect triangle, but they do have to form an acute-angled triangle (all angles must be less than 90°).

According to Tentsile, the entire set-up process can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes! We’re guessing this doesn’t include the time spent searching for the perfect tree triangle, but, still, 15-minutes is pretty impressive.

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set-up the Stingray Tree Tent.

While each step is fairly straightforward, we highly recommend practicing the full process with your new tent prior to embarking on your camping trip.

Generation 3

Tentsile recently launched their newest line of products, dubbed Generation 3, in Spring 2020. The latest line (look for 3.0 after the product name) offers upgraded versions of it’s entire product range, as well as the release of 3 new products.

New features include: underfloor storage nets, internal storage pockets, felt tree protector wraps (check out our advice on tree-friendly ways to hang hammocks here), mesh pole sleeves, upgraded rainflies and ground conversion kits to turn any tree tent model into your basic (but very much not-so-basic) ground tent.

They do make several models, here are some different options:

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Final Thoughts

Tentsile is not just a business in the business of making money. For each Tentsile tent purchased, they make a donation to plant 20 trees. Of course, the tents you buy to support their mission also come as quite a cost to you. Their 1-person tent will set you back about $300, while the 6-person tent comes in just shy of $1,700. 

But, fear not, there is another way! Tentsile sells Pre-Loved Tree Tents and hammocks on their website! We love this option because it not only saves you some cash but also redirects a perfectly good tree tent to a new happy home.

Tentsile is not just greenwashing either, they actually plant 20 trees for every tree tent sold.

tentsile tree tent plants 20 trees for every tree tent sold

Frequently Asked Questions

Which model is right for me?

Tentsile made a handy dandy chart to answer this very question.

How do you get into the tree tent?

Each size / model is slightly different but they all have at least one zippered door through which you can enter. Many also have an access hatch on the bottom side of the tent.

Are the tree tents waterproof?

The tents themselves are not waterproof but each tree tent comes with a waterproof rainfly sheet.

Is there a lot of movement once you are inside the tree tent?

If you set up the tree tent properly and sufficiently tighten the ratchet straps, movement will be minimal once you are inside.

How high can I set up my tree tent?

The recommended maximum height is 4 feet off the ground. This height allows for easy entrance without the use of a ladder. However, if you do choose to try and set up a bit higher, Tentsile sells webbing ladders.