Best Camping Hammocks 2020 | Guide and Reviews

Snakeskins, webbing straps, grommets, underquilts – getting into hammock camping can be intimidating.  

In the old days, if you wanted to go hammock camping you’d buy a Hennessy Hammock and that would be it.  While they are still among the best camping hammocks on the market, there are now dozens of companies making (mostly) quality hammocks for sleeping.

We didn’t ask anyone to reinvent the hammock – but Tentsile, Amok, and Lawson have done just that.  The traditional style is still be the lightest, most practical way to ditch your tent, but there are now options available for side sleepers and even front sleepers.

There are so many hammocks in the market today that it is difficult to find the best model that fits your requirements. We took several popular models of camping hammocks and brought them for camping in different types of environments – from the wet mountains in spring to the high desert in winter – to notice the difference between them as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

We didn’t ride our hammock through a tornado, like the found of Hennessy Hammocks unwittingly did, but we did give them all a good test in a wide range of climates and weather extremes.  We gave them to our friends to take for a spin, and our tests are ongoing.

We inspected each product for weight, durability, comfort, versatility, and ease of setup. Each model was of good quality. However, a few of them hung above the competition. In this review, we are going to discuss the five best camping hammocks that stole the limelight.

If you’re a once-a-year camper looking for cheaper hammocks in the under $60 category, click here.  But if you’re serious about replacing your tent (yes, camping hammocks are better than tents), you need a serious hammock.

That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.  In fact, the hammock itself might not cost much more than a cheap daytime hammock.

So if you’re serious about mobile, consistent, light-weight camping, give these a try.

Best For Backpacking – Hennessy Jungle Expedition Zip

Here’s our full video review of the Hennessy Jungle Expedition Zip, the best camping hammock for most people.


Tom Hennessy started off with a WWII military hammock he found at surplus store, and loved it so much he made an art out of improving them.

He made such a good hammock that hammocks are popular with the military again.  These hammocks are used by Hikers, Boy Scouts, Preppers, Soldiers, Military Units, Explorers, Scientific and Medical Expeditions.

The Hennessy Hammock has been on the market since 1999 and from we can tell, it’s never recieved anything less than a perfect review.  Our review is no different.

Hennessy has eight models, and we recently reviewed the Hennessy Jungle Expedition ZIP with a double bouble pad and snake skins.  And it was a delight, stay tuned for our video and full review shortly.

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Most Comfortable Camping Hammock – Klymit Traverse Double

The Traverse is made from a 75D woven polyester, that feels like the most luxurious hotel sheets you could ever imagine. It holds up to 400 lbs, and even being so thick, this hammock packs down to a mere 8.5 x 5.5 in (22 x 14 cm), and weights only 1.9 lbs.

It’s single panel design is super clean, leaving almost no seams anywhere in sight. This design also reduces stretching over time. The color scheme on the Double is super pleasing, with a tan fabric and river-stone motif on the under.


Full Review and Best Prices

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Best Tactical Hammock – OneTigris Kompound Hammock

This is an awesome tactical hammock with tons of compartments and thoughtful features for serious campers.  The OneTigris Kompound Hammock is fairly basic but sets up really fast, dries out quickly, and is made really well.

It also costs about the same as an ENO DoubleNest (NOT a camping hammock) so this is a great way to get into hammock camping for about the same price as a backyard hammock.

Sure, the underquilts, tarps, and other gear are expensive but you can start with your tent camping sleeping bag, tarp, etc to see if you like it.

OneTigris make really high quality tactical gear for military, hunting, etc and this is no different.  The Kompound is really well built to withstand the elements.

Check back for our full review and video.

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Best For Lounging – Draumr Amok 3.0 Hammock


Forget everything you know about hammocks, flip it 90 degrees, make it flat, comfortable for side sleepers, and plenty of room to spread out.  

The Draumr Amok is ridiculously comfortable, and perhaps the best nook ever invented for reading or enjoying a solo beverage watching the sun set into the hills.

If you don’t like the idea of sleeping in a conventional hammock, well you should still try it first.  But if that fails you should try something like a Draumr Amok 3.0.  

The Draumr (meaning “dream” in ancient Norse) Amok 3.0 Hammock is suspended by two points like a traditional hammock. However, unlike other camping hammocks, it’s suspension straps are attached to the sides of the hammock, allowing you to lay flat on the hammock (hence the term, flatlay hammock), comfortably sleeping on your back, side or stomach.

This feature alone is a pretty nifty invention. But, wait, there’s more! By tightening the suspension straps, you are able to convert your hammock into a hanging hammock chair.

Read Our Full Review Here.

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Best Camping Hammock For Side Sleepers – Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

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The Blue Ridge Flat Hammock by Lawson Hammocks is one of the original flat hammocks for side sleepers, and it’s still the best.  They hold the patents for the spreader bars and arch poles that made flat hammocks work.

Amazingly, this hammock hangs with just two ropes like a normal hammock.  It’s quite a fit of engineering to make it stable.  It’s nearly impossible to tip over.

It offers better protection from bugs and crapy weather other any flat hammocks, and is comfortable enough to sleep in for long trips.

We love that it’s simple (not over-engineered), light weight, and comfortable.  It packs up easily and you can tell it was designed by someone who camps a lot.  Just look at how well it packs up.  Here is the entire setup, in less of a footprint than a tent.

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Best Tree Tent Hammock For Family Campig – Tentsile Flite Plus

When you think of a tent, what are some adjectives that come to mind? Compact? Durable? Lightweight? 

What about modern? Whimsical? Sleek? 

Honestly, the last 3 are not benchmarks we ever thought we would measure a tent against, but, when you think about it, why not? Why not combine form and function and come out the other side with a whole new take on what a temporary shelter can be. Cue the Tentsile Tree Tent.

Tentsile recently launched their newest line of products, dubbed Generation 3, in Spring 2020. The latest line (look for 3.0 after the product name) offers upgraded versions of it’s entire product range, as well as the release of 3 new products.

New features include: underfloor storage nets, internal storage pockets, felt tree protector wraps (check out our advice on tree-friendly ways to hang hammocks here), mesh pole sleeves, upgraded rainflies and ground conversion kits to turn any tree tent model into your basic (but very much not-so-basic) ground tent.

Read our full review here.