Top Camping Hammocks Sea to Summit Ultralight single hammock review

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TCH Review: Sea to Summit Ultralight Single Hammock 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very small packed size
  • Lightweight aluminium buckle
  • Innovative compression sack 

We Don't Like

  • Tree straps not included
  • Not waterproof

Summary: Are you an adventurer looking to reduce the amount of weight you have to carry around with you? Sea to Summit’s Ultralight Hammock stands out as a solid lightweight option for those who need the lightest gear out there. It’s built for the ounce-counting explorer who treks deep into the back-country.


Introducing the worlds lightest hammock. Sea to Summit's Ultralight Hammock features a specially designed Nylon 66 monofilament fabric. Its whisper-light appearance is matched on the scales, coming in at a tiny 0.34 lbs.

Dimensions: ​8.5ft long, 4ft wide

Price: $89.95

Strength: ​Recommended Maximum Load: 300 lbs

Suspension System: ​High strength buckles work with Suspension Straps (not included)

Weight: 0.34 lbs​

Sea to Summit is a global company that through private ownership has stayed small. Design lead, the company focuses on manufacturing outdoor, travel and water sport products. Sea to Summit invest heavily in research to achieve the best results. Finding the best ideas, materials, methods and production keep them ahead of the competition.

Sea to Summit's goal is to create products to motivate and inspire people to lead a more active lifestyle. Every piece of gear is built so your outdoor adventure is more manageable. Through innovation, products are compact, durable and lightweight. Sea to Summit provide the ultimate solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. So no matter what the conditions are, your outdoor adventure is lighter, stress-free and enjoyable.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, they make the most of being pretty isolated. West Australians and Australians in general love to be outside. Surrounded by wild, untamed coastline and rugged ranges it is a unique environment. Combined with wild rivers and remote deserts it is a great area to explore and savor. Inspired by this and the wider world, Sea to Summit continues to lead on product development and innovation. Sea to Summit is now sold in over 60 countries. They have won design and business awards in Australia, Europe and America.

Sea to Summit ultralight single hammock is made from ultra-breathable fabric that wicks moisture away to keep you fresh while you slumber. The fabric is also very strong, despite its lightweight appearance. You can adjust this hammock to any tension, and the compression sack is connected so you don’t have to stress about misplacing it.


  • Extremely lightweight - The secret to this ultralight hammock is in its monofilament nylon fabric. 
  • Very small packed size - The hammock takes up very little space and packs down to the size of a beer can. Its weight is inconsequential.
  • Lightweight aluminium buckle - Buckles are made from lighweight aluminum 6061 to shave extra grams
  • Innovative compression sack - The compression sack is connected so you don’t have to stress about misplacing it. Made of water resistant Ultra-Sil ® 30D siliconized, high-tenacity Cordura ® nylon for exceptional strength


  • Tree straps not included - Sea to Summit sells a Suspension Tree strap suspension system, including tree protectors and straps, for hanging the hammock.
  • Not waterproof - You will need to invest in some extras if you want to use this hammock in all seasons. You may need to purchase a mosquito net, rainfly cover or tarp system depending on where you are going and what you are doing.