DA BENBEN Camping Hammock Tent with Mosquito Net

Are you a hiker who likes to go off the beaten trek? Do you like to explore with a touch of the unexpected and take a few risks? Occasionally you turn up somewhere and realize you weren’t quite prepared for the experience. At least with the DA BENBEN hammock tent you will have safety from mosquitos and other bugs so they will not ruin your camping experience.

We Like

  • Strong and dependable material
  • Tree Straps and ropes included
  • Good quality anti-mosquito net included
  • Handles lots of weight 
  • Multi-functional

We Don’t Like

  • Can get hot inside hammock

The DA BENBEN camping hammock tent with mosquito net comes with everything required to for a great hammock camping experience. You can use it not only as a hammock but as a tent on the ground. Finally finding a hammock that includes a mosquito net in this price range is quite difficult, so the extra protection and comfort is an added bonus.

Dimensions: ​8.2ft long, 6.6ft wide

Strength: ​Recommended Maximum Load: 440 lbs

Suspension System: ​2 good quality tree straps and strong ropes

Weight: 3.5 lbs​

​DA BENBEN is a trademark of Shenzhen Running Trading Company. They are a vibrant business passionate about camping, hiking and outdoor activities. Their philosophy is to sell high quality, durable products which they use and know to perform well, and to provide clear information to help you choose appropriate products and get the best of out of them.

They believe that being outside isn’t just about being in a new environment, it’s about developing an appreciation for nature and respecting the world around you. Go out: Don’t worry about going far away if you don’t have time. Even a local campground will help you reconnect. 

The DA BENBEN camping hammock tent with mosquito net main benefits are that it is compact and multi-functional. So it comes with everything you need to setup and can also be used when you are in areas where they’re not suitable trees to setup. The mosquito net is very easy to setup and provides extra comfort and protection required in some inhospitable environments.