Hammock Camping Gear Checklist

Trading your tent in for a camping hammock can be a fun and rewarding – not to mention oh-so-comfortable – experience. Why go to all the trouble to trek to that perfect camp spot only to disappear into a dark tent for half the time? Picture instead gently swaying to sleep with the full set of stars twinkling overhead. Now that’s more like it.

A hammock camping gear list is totally different than a traditional tent camping list. We’re here to help you assemble the gear and accessories to ensure a safe, successful, and, most of all, fun camping experience.

Hammock Camping Gear List


The single most important piece of hammock camping gear is, you guessed it, the hammock. 

Not all hammocks are created equal. Look for a camping hammock specifically designed for backpacking and camping. Camping hammocks are much more lightweight and packable than those bulky rope hammocks you may have grown up with in your backyard.

We especially enjoy:

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Check out our full DoubleNest Review here

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Check out our full Honest Outfitters Hammock Review here.

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Support straps are just as crucial as the hammock itself. Support straps are used to support the hammock between two anchor points (most often two trees). Forget these straps and you are essentially tent camping … but without the tent.

Not all hammocks come with a suspension system so it is crucial that you double check before purchasing. 

Some hammocks come with a built-in suspension system. Some come with straps that can be attached or detached for use / storage. Others don’t come with any system and you will have to purchase separately.

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Whether you choose to purchase a rainfly specifically designed for hammock (like this one) camping or a standard issue tarp (both serve the same purpose – it just comes down to cost), the goal remains the same: stay dry!

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Many camping hammocks come with a built-in mosquito net. If you are currently the proud owner of one of those, congratulations! Enjoy your blissful, bite-free night’s sleep. 

For the rest of us, an additional mosquito net is a must. Mosquito nets will protect you from not just those eternally hungry, eternally buzzing pests but from a variety of other critters as well (think ants, spiders, bats, etc).

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Be sure to choose a model that will provide 360-degree protection.  Check our our guide to not getting eaten alive here.

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Though hammocks guarantee separation between your body and the potentially cold, cold ground – they don’t guarantee that the equally frigid air won’t find you. Enter…the underquilt. 

Underquilts are specifically designed to fit (and insulate) camping hammocks and allow you to comfortably go camping even in the coldest months. 

Be sure to pay attention to temperature ratings when purchasing underquilts. Much like sleeping bags, each underquilt is designed with a specific temperature range in mind. We always advise campers to lean slightly toward the side of a warmer underquilt.

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The underquilt covers your backside, but what about that pesky topside of your body? Some folks opt for a traditional speeding bag in lieu of a top quilt. In a pinch, that could certainly work. 

However, as with all gear specific to hammock camping, a top quilt is designed to be more lightweight and more portable than your standard sleeping bag. 

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While a sleeping pad does add a bit of warmth to your sleep set up, it’s primary purpose is added comfort. They do add a bit of bulk to your pack, so consider this if your adventure involves trekking a long distance. 

But, if you can manage, increased comfort and insulation could be yours!  Check out our tips for sleeping in a hammock here.

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Who doesn’t love carabiners. Worst case scenario, you end up having a few more than you need (and can always use them to attach keys/travel mugs/etc to your pack). Best case scenario, they come in handy for virtually no added weight.

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Guylines are necessary in setting up your rainfly or tarp, as well as any other shelter system you may choose to erect. If the wind picks up or a storm rolls through, you will be happy you thought ahead and packed extra of these.

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If you’re awesome enough to go camping with your pup, check out this post for some considerations about hammock camping with your dog.


Be sure to test out any gear you purchase prior to setting out on your first overnight trip. You never know what the weather will bring and you don’t want to be learning how to set up your camping hammock on a cold, dark night. Or, if you do, feel free to ignore this piece of advice.

And there you have it! The key to any great adventure is proper preparation. Careful planning and preparation allow for more spontaneity in the moment. So gather your gear (then double-check that gear!), have a wonderful time and don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments below!