What is Hammock Camping?

You are probably familiar with cheap, outdoor hammocks for lounging and reading, but what is hammock camping?

Hammock camping is a new set of gear and tactics allowing hikers, explorers, and even the military to travel longer with less weight.  It’s been around since the early 2000s but has become much more popular since 2016 when companies like Hennessy, Amok, and Tentsile began to perfect the gear.

What Is Hammock Camping? In pictures…

Hennessy Hammocks, answerer of the question, what is a camping hammock

Hennessy Hammock – One of the original camping hammocks, still used by the military.


FIRINER Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rainfly Tent Tarp Tree Straps, Portable Single Double Parachute Hammock Set for Backpacking Hiking Travel Yard Outdoor Activities

Firner Camping Hammock with Rainfly


Why go hammock camping?

Hammocks can be employed in different places, including the indoors of a home or other facilities. However, they are frequently seen in the outdoors since they provide a special added treat for those who like sleeping or resting in a light, comfortable hammock.

In fact, with the right technique, sleeping in a hammock can be more comfortable than a bed.

Before you decide to take a hammock camping trip, it is important to note there are some keys to having a memorable time. Some of these may involve learning all about these camping trips to get the maximum benefits, while also having an excellent experience.

So the question is, what is a hammock camping trip and what does it entail? First of all, people may be interested in knowing the pros and cons that are involved in planning to participate in a hammock trip, specifically whenever they are invited to go with family and friends. So, for those of you who want to know what you can expect, here’s a little information that can help in getting you started.

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Tents tend to be much heavier than hammocks

There are some notable differences between taking a tent on a camping trip and traveling with a hammock. One of the main distinctions involves both the weight and size of each. Typically, a tent is said to be much heavier than a hammock, so hammock camping makes it easy for the person to travel in a lighter fashion. It is especially beneficial if you trip involves a lot of hiking. Also, with the size and weight of most hammocks, the set-ups are usually meant for the outdoors.

Also, before a hammock can be set up, the individual or the group will need to locate stable posts for the set-up. Unlike most tents, a hammock cannot be set-up anywhere. In fact, you will not only need the appropriate amount of space for the hammock but also all of the tools and equipment like the right suspension to keep it off the ground.

Hammocks trips and weather

When planning a hammock camping trip, it is imperative that you check the status of the weather. Even though these camping trips can be lots of fun for everyone involved, some issues can arise if the weather isn’t considered in the planning. 

If you know what hammock camping is, you know what kind of gear is available, and that’s a huge advantage.

Always have a solar powered radio for emergencies and weather updates. This one even has a flashlight and charge your phone.

Hammock camping trips should be taken in fair to good weather since camping outside in the elements can make a significant difference in how comfortable you will be. For instance, if the weather is good, sleeping outside in a hammock can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Looking up at the stars and gazing at them through the night, while a breeze brushes over your face is a memory that you can remember for a long time into the future. On the other hand, if a hammock camping trip is taken during harsh, cold and rainy weather, the memories that you have will not be good ones, but perhaps closer to that of a nightmare.

Unlike sleeping in a traditional tent, no shelter buffets the wind, the rain, snow or other elements that affect a camper when they are sleeping in a hammock outdoors. Therefore, a hammock camper must know well in advance what the weather forecast will be before heading out the door.


Hammock camping trips can be loads of fun for those who are interested in camping out. However, before planning this kind of trip, you should be familiar with how to setup the hammock correctly for the best results.  The proper timing of taking this trip must always be factored in to avoid times of inclement weather.

And stop mindlessly taking the tent without knowing what is hammock camping.  You just might never go back.