Trek Light Gear Single Hammock

TCH Review: Trek Light Gear Single Camping Hammock 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Amazingly comfortable hammock
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Nice colour options
  • Established and trusted brand 

We Don't Like

  • Straps not included
  • Not waterproof

Summary: Are you looking to take your camping gear and outdoor gear to the next level? Do you want a portable hammock that is versatile and great for all your outdoor adventures? The Trek light single hammock will become a staple for your camping gear. Great for backpacking, camping, hiking or kayaking - everything is better in a hammock


The Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is one of the original branded nylon hammocks. It is one of the best-selling hammocks, loved by hikers, outdoor enthusiast , and campers. This Trek Light offering is a wonderful choice. Designed for sleep lovers and to last for several years, you can hang it anywhere!

Dimensions: ​10ft long, 5ft wide

Price: $59.95

Strength: ​Recommended Maximum Load: 400 lbs

Suspension System: ​S-Hook attached on each end

Weight: 1 lbs​

An original pioneer of the camping hammock revolution over 10 years ago, Trek Light Gear has introduced millions of people around the globe to its unique brand of portable and lightweight camping and travel hammocks. Trek Light Gear name stems from the notion that we should all ‘trek lightly’. So whenever possible their products are designed with that core philosophy in mind.

Founded by Seth Haber in 2003 who wanted to encourage people around him to explore the great outdoors. He decided what better way to get outside, relax and take a break from a busy life than to lie in a hammock? And, what if you could easily take that hammock, that little piece of heaven, with you wherever you went? Believing that once you remove the confines of a traditional, bulky hammock  it becomes a universal companion. 15 years on their hammocks are still encouraging more adventure by sleeping outdoors under the stars.

The Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is arguably the most comfortable hammock on the market. It is specifically designed as a hammock you can sleep in comfortably night after night. The key to sleeping in a hammock comfortably is to lie at an angle across it so your body gets flat (just like in your bed at home). Made of extremely durable, quick-drying, and water-resistant nylon material with triple-stitched seams for added safety. Engineered for maximum breathability and durability and doesn't get hot or sweaty in the sun. Comfortably packs into it's own attached carrying pouch. All Trek Light products carry a full 3 YEAR warranty against any manufacturer's defects unless otherwise noted


  • One of the most comfortable hammocks - No-Flip Design: Relax without the balancing act.
  • Quick and easy setup - Takes very little time to hook and unhook
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio - high-quality parachute nylon material that can easily withstand up to 400 lbs but weighs just 1.25 lbs
  • Excellent high quality fabric - extremely durable, quick-drying, and water-resistant nylon material. Easy to wash
  • Established and trusted brand - an original pioneer of the camping hammock revolution over 10 years ago


  • Straps not included - Straps are sold separately for all Trek Light Gear hammocks. The Trek Light Gear Go Anywhere Rope Kit is the must-have, portable accessory to setup your Trek Light Hammock quickly and easily wherever you go.
  • Not waterproof - Like many hammocks in this price range you will need to invest in some extras if you want to use this hammock in all seasons. You may need to purchase a mosquito net, rainfly cover or tarp system depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

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