Top Camping Hammocks Serac Sequoia XL Wide camping hammock review

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TCH Review: Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Strong and durable material
  • Very spacious, comfortably sleeps two people
  • Free tree straps with 10 anchor points
  • Attached Compression Sack
  • Excellent customer service

We Don't Like

  • Straps could be longer
  • Not waterproof

Summary: Do you worry that you will not be comfortable sleeping in an hammock? Are you looking for a hammock that you can setup easily and quickly? Serac Sequoia promises the WORLD'S MOST COMFORTABLE HAMMOCK which anyone can GET SETUP IN SECONDS!


The Serac Sequoia XL Wide Camping Hammock is bigger and badder than the competition! This hammock is amazingly spacious, durable but lightweight and includes everything you need to start relaxing straightaway. The Serac Sequoia is perfect for backpacking, camping or hiking whether you are at the beach or travelling through a forest or jungle.

Dimensions: ​10ft long, 5.7ft wide

Price: $59.95

Strength: ​Recommended Maximum Load: 500 lbs

Suspension System: No-stretch 6ft Suspension Tree Straps x2, Ultralight Aluminum Carabiners x2

Weight: 1.6 lbs​ with straps

Serac Hammocks was founded with a simple goal - create the best products that'll get people exploring the natural world. Find some trees, strap up, clip on and start enjoying the outdoors at your own pace.

Created by Wilson and Jeff, two lifelong friends with a serious passion for being outside, their goal is to make excellent gear that you will love using. Serac was founded with the dream of sharing a convenient, affordable, and tree friendly way of exploring the natural world. By providing a simple method of shelter, they aim to spread their passion for the outdoors to seasoned travellers and tentative newcomers alike.

Serac Sequoia is designed to give you the world’s most comfortable camping hammock. Using ultrasoft breathable nylon fortified with Diamondweave ripstop for added strength, the Sequoia is both rugged and amazingly relaxing to sleep in. Committed to not damaging the Great Outdoors, Serac operate a no ropes suspension system. Instead every hammock they sell includes a set of free tree straps. This ensures that the principle of Leave No Trace protection of the trees where you hang your hammock. 


  • Strong and durable material - Diamondweave Ripstop Nylon fabric ensures a breathable hammock that’s incredibly soft, yet durable and lightweight.
  • Very Spacious - world's most comfortable camping hammock sleeps two people easily
  • Free tree straps with 10 anchor points - easy to use Tree hugger straps with 10 anchor points lets you control the height and slack for your perfect comfort.
  • Attached Compression Sack set of compression straps to pack down your hammock as much as possible
  • Excellent customer service - Industry leading customer service providing 5 year Warranty, 30 Day 100% money back guarantee


  • Straps could be longer - Some customers have used other straps, not because of the quality of them but they needed longer straps for their requirements
  • Not waterproof - Like many hammocks in this price range you will need to invest in some extras if you want to use this hammock in all seasons. You may need to purchase a mosquito net, rainfly cover or tarp system depending on where you are going and what you are doing.



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