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TCH Review: Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Large and comfortable space 
  • High quality design and construction
  • Very versatile with lots of accessories
  • 1% for the Planet company
  • Lifetime warranty 

We Don't Like

  • Suspension system is very basic
  • Heavier than competition 
  • exclamation-triangle
    No bug net or tarp

Are you looking for a strong and ver​satile camping hammock? Looking for a modern design inspired by technical climbing gear? And the only hammock fabric designed explicitly for camping. The Kammok Roo double is built for a lifetime of hammock camping. It is a hammock that has plenty of room to share with a friend as well as providing a great sleeping experience. What makes the Kammok Roo standout is the extra bit of attention detail to all aspects of design and construction.


We would describe the Kammok Roo as a fun and functional double hammock. Once you sit or lay in it you will love how comforta​ble it is. With a full 10ft of length it is great for chilling with a friend as well providing an excellent sleeping experience. For a simple open model design the Kammok Roo offers more versatility than most models.

Dimensions10.1ft long, 5.7ft wide

Price: $99

Strength: Recommended Maximum Load: 500 lbs

Suspension System: Straps not included. 2 Kanga Claws (23kN carabiners made from aerospace aluminum) and 2 Racer Slings

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Kammok has very clear business drivers: design, performance and giving back. They believe hammock camping is the new wave of camping and want their products to reflect that. When you buy a hammock from them you have an assurance that it will last and perform. 

Founded by Greg McEvilly, Kammok have a very simple mission of designing technical and functional camping gear. The vision is to raise the standard of camping gear in every way possible. There products focus on clean design and made with high performance fabrics. 

It is a company with a mission to equip and inspire life changing adventures and experiences. Driven by their core values of adventure, community, and love. With adventure you are able to see the world in a fresh perspective and be open to new experiences. Connecting with your community and being a good neighbour provides great rewards. Through love you open yourself and others to experience even greater adventures. 

Kammok is proud to be a 1% planet company. This means they donate 1% of their revenue to nonprofit organisations. They are very active in this initiative and are investing in outdoor youth programs. When you buy a Kammok hammock you are also investing in youth developement. Explore Austin is Kammok's primary partner and in 2017 they agreed to a six-year-long commitment. This will allow the organisation to achieve it's goals of helping young people make positive life choices

Unlike a lot of hammocks, the Roo is clearly built for camping and the outdoors. This is clear in the fabric design which is strong and durable. Although the suspension system is quite basic you can still see the quality of the engineering. The Roo stands out from its competition because of it's versatility. It has side panels that you can use for arm or head rests. If you have gear that you want quick access to, you can hang them from the loops along each side. 


  • Large and comfortable space - one of the most spacious and comfortable double camping hammocks for sitting and lying down.
  • High quality design and construction - features bomber construction, triple stitching, and climbing-rated carabiners and slings.
  • Versatile with lots of accessories - ground breaking side panels and gear loops make it stand out from other open model designs.
  • 1% for the Planet company - Part of initiative that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving
  • Lifetime warranty  - If your product becomes non-functioning or defective, Kammok will repair or replace it.


  • Suspension system is very basic - The kanga claws and racer slings don't offer much flexibility in hanging your hammock. I recommend buying the tree friendly Kammok Python Suspension Straps.  
  • Heavier than competition - The Roo weighs 1.4lbs without extra's is quite heavy compared to other open model designed hammocks. 
  • No bug net or tarpIt doesn't come with a bug net which is included with many hammocks in this price range. You will also need a tarp if you want to be comfortable in wetter conditions. An under or top quilt for warmth may also be required to hold heat.

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