How to Make a Camping Hammock?

How to Make a Camping Hammock?

Who does not love camping? It is thrilling, calming and one of our favorite adventures. A long drive to the wild or a beach and then just lying under the sun on a comfortable camping hammock sounds like heaven.

However, it gets difficult to do that if you do not have enough money to buy a hammock. Camping hammocks are expensive to purchase from online stores as well as local stores.

However, they can be made easily and quickly and at an affordable price. You just have to buy some materials and know how to stitch and you are done. You can make you own camping hammock sitting at home in a few hours.

The overall cost of the hammock that we are going to make is $30, which is less than the camping hammocks available in stores or on internet sites. Moreover, the camping hammock that we are going to make is sturdier than the cheap hammocks that you find online. Before starting with the camping hammock, let us see what you will need.

Material You will Need for Making a Hammock

First of all, you will need around 3.5 yards of rip-stop nylon in main (red) color and 3.25 yards of rip-stop nylon in accent (blue) color. Next, you will need 2 carabiners and a 6-foot rope. In order to attach the hammock with trees, you will need nylon webbing.

Other things that you will need to make a hammock are glue stick and a small bag. The tools required for making the hammock are a pair of scissors, a ruler, a lighter, and a sewing machine.

Hammocks are made with a nylon that is wrinklier and thinner than rip-stop nylon. We, however, used rip-stop because the store did not have many options. We used a black rope, carabiners and nylon webbing that we bought from a nearby boating supply store.

Procedure of Making a Hammock at Home

First of all, cut a quarter yard off the end of the nylon so that it is just 3.25 yards in length. After that, cut two 14.5″ pieces out of the other nylon so that you get two pieces of 14.5″ x 3.25. Sew the former, the red color nylon strip, with the other (blue color) nylon strip. It is better to guide the nylon with your hands rather than pinning the two fabrics together.

Sew the red side strip with the hammock body and trim the seam allowance to ½”. Now, start flat-felling the seam. Trim the blue side of the seam to ¼”. Fold the wide side allowance (red) down over the trimmed side (blue) so that the wider edge neatly joins the seam.

Instead of ironing the nylon, use a glue stick to assist in keeping the fabric from unfolding. Lay the folded seam onto the fabric and sew the seam along the folded edge. Repeat the same on the other side of the hammock with the other blue strip of nylon.

Making the Hanging System

Next, you have to start making the hanging system. Sew three lines (straight) over the fold to make a sturdy hold. Fold the raw edge of the nylon about 1’’ or so to make rope channels at all four ends of the hammock. Now, fold the edge down about 2’’ and trap the raw edge inside. Sew about three times in a row along the fold inside the hammock to make sure that the rope channels are strong enough.

Now, cut the rope into two equal lengths and burn the ends of the rope to stop it from unraveling. After folding a rope in half, attach each rope with a carabiner and feed the looped end of the rope into the carabiner. Now, pull the ends of the rope via the loop. Using a double fisherman knot, tie the ends of the rope together. A fisherman knot is a complex-looking, self-locking knot that is very strong. It looks quite messy but it is pretty easy to make.

To keep the carabiners hangs centered above the hammock and the knot hidden in the middle of the rope channel, pull the nylon. Your hammock is done now. This do-it-yourself hammock can easily scrunch up and fit inside a small bag. You can carry it wherever you want as it is lightweight. Moreover, it is very strong and very cheap – just $30.

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