How to Hang a Camping Hammock safely

How to Hang a Camping Hammock?

We love camping. It’s thrilling, adventurous and relaxing. The excitement of exploring things takes the stress off your mind and keeps you calm and happy. If you have not done it yet, then add this to your to-do list as you do not want to miss the thrill of camping.

It is always great to spend some of your time with nature, living in the fresh air away from pollution and the stress of work.  For a few people out there, the term “Hammock Camping” may not ring a bell. Some of you may find hanging a camping hammock challenging and complex. However, in reality, hanging a hammock is not that difficult. Instead, it is quite easy.

What is a Camping Hammock?

Before learning how to do it, we need to understand what a camping hammock is. In recent years, many campers have been using camping hammocks instead of opting for traditional tents. The hammock is a sling made of ropes that are suspended between two trees. That is the primary function of a camping hammock, but it does not explain how you hang a hammock.

Now, many people who are reading this article must be wondering why the campers switched to hammocks from traditional tents. Hammocks are more lightweight and cheaper than the traditional tents. It makes them not only more affordable but also portable.

Because hammocks do not weigh much, campers can easily carry them to any place they want whereas, with the traditional tents, they would have to think twice before hiking them long distances.

Camping Hammock vs. Traditional Tents

Camping hammocks do not harm the environment as they leave no trace or ground pits. In addition to this, hammocks are perfect for camping because they are very comfortable for sleeping. The user does not have to sleep on the rock-hard ground as hammocks stay above the ground.

Moreover, the user does not have to worry about snakes, insects or other tiny creatures such as spiders biting them in the middle of the night as these camping hammocks are more secure than traditional tents. When it comes to flooded, sloped or rocky surfaces, a hammock always proves to be safer than a traditional tent.

Benefits of Camping Hammocks

The first thing that a user should know about hammocks is that they do not need a suspension to set it up. It is just an option to put it up that way. Now, you might be wondering, ‘what to do if support is not available?’

The answer is pretty simple – just set it up on the ground. You can turn your hammock into a tent in this situation. Therefore, if you don’t find a tree for suspension, use the ground, just make sure it is flat!

Furthermore, your can use a tarp over your hammock as well to protect it from the weather.  Avid campers must have heard the popular saying, ‘Leave no trace of camping.’ While using a traditional tent, it is quite difficult, almost impossible, for an average person to leave no trace of camping. With a camping hammock, however, this becomes an easy task.

Hanging a Camping Hammock

The most important thing that you need to do for hanging a hammock is finding some trees near your camping area. By trees, we do no mean just any trees. Find trees that are sturdy enough to hold your weight. In addition to this, trees should be at least 5 to 6 meters apart from each other so that you can secure the ropes easily.

You can use tree straps if you want to leave no trace of your camping. Tree straps are easily available in retail stores at affordable prices. They are also known as “tree-huggers.” Hammocks are quite easy to put up, and you can set them up in no time.

The next thing that you need to do is set your tree straps on both the trees at the same level of height. Hang the hammock as high as you are willing to fall. We said that because if the hammock rips, you will fall. It is unlikely that a hammock would rip.

However, you should be prepared for everything. Now, tie the hammock with the straps, and you are done setting up your first hammock. The installation of a hammock is very easy, and it takes maximum five to ten minutes.

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