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TCH Review: Grand Trunk Nano 7 Camping Hammock 




Suspension System


We Like

  • Ultra lightweight and compact setup 
  • Excellent construction
  • Strong brand values
  • Lifetime warranty 

We Don't Like

  • Comfort is not the main focus
  • Challenging to put up without straps
  • exclamation-triangle
    No bug net or tarp

The Grand Trunk Nano 7 is one of the lightest camping hammocks available. Boasting a very thin and narrow design, its target market is the weight conscious adventurer. It packs down so tightly that when compressed it can fit in the smallest pocket of your backpack. With dimensions like that why wouldn't you take it on all your adventures?



The best hammock camping can happen anywhere! Having a hammock that takes up such little space is a good thing. So there isn't an inappropriate time to have the Nano 7 with you. Weighing only 7.5 oz and packing down so compact, it is a great companion on all types of excursions. Often lightweight comes at the expense of durability but the Nano 7 has shown it can handle many varying conditions and terrains.

Dimensions9.4ft long, 4ft wide

Price: $69.95

Strength: Recommended Maximum Load: 300 lbs

Suspension System: Straps not included. Aluminum Wire-Gate Carabiners

Weight: 0.56 lbs

Grand Truck has been around since 2001. The company's founders Jon Neff and Kevin Kaiser met while exploring a small island in Thailand. The realised that they shared a passion for travel and adventure. Those passions are the driving force that you see in every Grand Truck product. Starting out they really didn't know anything about manufacturing to retail. All they wanted to do was to get people of the ground and design great gear for adventurers. 

Grand Truck's mission is to connect you with your destination in the most comfortable way. They are more than a brand and have ambassadors from all corners of the globe. These ambassadors love the brand and personify the company's adventurous spirit. 

Grand Truck also want to inspire everyone to go on adventures and experience the great outdoors. They work with organisations on conservation projects. One of these companies is the the U.S. Forest Service. It identifies high priority reforestation projects and provides funding to implement projects. The National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program plants native tree seedlings in areas that have been impacted by wildfire and other natural events.  Over 1 million tress are planted per year through this program 

The Grand Truck Nano 7 is lightweight, functional and quite comfortable. It is great if you love hiking in the wilderness and allows you to pack extra gear or provisions due to the weight save. It only weighs a few ounces and packs down very nicely into it's attached pouch, and it comes with quality carabiners for attachment points. 


  • Ultra lightweight and compact setup - Rip-stop nylon is the perfect material for creating lightweight but durable outdoor gear. It is ideal for a camping hammock as it is not only light and strong but also packs down with ease. Another reason why Nano 7 is so light is there is no excess cords. Wiregate carabiners connect with the gathered fabric which lessens bulk and weight.
  • Strong brand values - Grand Truck have made a promise to to stay true to the ideas that made then start the business. They have a strong commitment to create products that are durable, fun and functional. These are product that they would be proud to buy and use themselves.
  • Excellent construction This product has been tested in various challenging conditions and has stood up well. There are no flaws in the construction, seams or stitching. You will be very satisfied with the build and performance of this camping hammock.
  • Lifetime warranty  - Grand Truck are so confident in the quality of their products. The guarantee every product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects! The lifetime warranty covers ordinary wear and tear while also covering manufacturing defects.


  • Comfort is not the main focus - For many people the Nano 7 will not enhance the hammock camping experience. Focusing on reducing weight and being as compact as possible is great. The downside is that some comfort may be lost. In the spring and summer months this hammock will be ideal. If you want to continue to use it in colder months you will need a good quality sleeping bag and pad.
  • Challenging to put up without straps - The Nano 7 is a little shorter than many camping hammocks so you definitely need straps to be able to hang it in your desried position. If you want a suspension system that will keep the weight down the Hammock Whoopie Slings is great option. They are the lightest suspension system available but are still very versatile.
  • No bug net or tarpIt doesn't come with a bug net which is included with many hammocks in this price range. You will also need a tarp if you want to be comfortable in wetter conditions. An under or top quilt for warmth may also be required to hold heat.

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