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TCH Review: Eagle Nest Outfitters Sub7 Hammock




Suspension System


We Like

  • Second lightest hammock on the market
  • Easy to setup
  • Made from ultralight material 
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Innovative suspension system - Whoopie Sling

We Don't Like

  • More suitable for smaller adults
  • Have to purchase straps separately 
  • exclamation-triangle
    Limited protection against the elements

The Eagle Nest Outfitters Sub7 is highly recommended if you are looking for a ultralight hammock. Most users are really surprised how light and compact it is. Notwithstanding this is still a high quality product we have come to expect and love from Eagle Nest Outfitters. If you are an adventurer concerned about space and weight, this hammock is the one you have been looking for!


Compact and lightweight the Sub7 will meet the requirements of any ultralight backpacker. You will hardly notice it in your backpack as it weighs only 6.5oz without straps. Actually you may have trouble finding it when packed down to the size of an orange! You can even fit the Helios Whoopie suspension system into its attached compression sack. You may be concerned that it won't hold your weight but trust the design and the hammock will naturally hold you in place. Sub7 is another quality hammock from ENO that comes in at an amazing weight and size.

Dimensions: 8.9ft long, 4ft wide

Price: $69.95

Strength: Recommended Maximum Load: 300 lbs

Suspension System: Straps not included. Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners & nautical grade line.

Weight: 0.4 lbs

Eagles Nest Outfitters has transformed the world of hammocks into a line of specialized products. Their experience and knowledge has resulted them creating a wide variety of hammocks with different sizes, styles, and colours. From backyard to backwoods, from forest to festival, from camping to campus, with ENO you can relax.

Brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster setup ENO in the summer of 1999. They wanted to escape the traditional workplace and develop the best hammocks. The brothers dedicated their days and nights to making and selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world. From a small operation in Florida to travelling the East Coast they sold hammocks at music festival and community gatherings. In a short time they developed their passion for hammocks and committed to creating and selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world. 

ENO is now recognised as the industry's leading provider of ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks. ENO continues to grow and thrive in Asheville, NC designing innovative products. They now also invest in a number of local and global communities, supporting organisations working to preserve and protect public lands. ENO products are sold in over 2000 retail locations in 13 countries.


  • One of the lightest hammock on the market - No argument about it, it is really light! ENO's claim is easy to back up as the closest is the Grand Truck Nano 7 which is 1.3 ounces heavier. Combined with the recommended ENO's lightest suspension system the weight is only 10.6 ounces!
  • Easy to setup - ENO hammocks are renowned for they simplicity in setting up. They strongly believe you should be able to deploy your hammock easily and quickly. The Sub7 shouldn't take longer than 2 minutes to setup. The carabiners clip easily into the suspension straps and they even have a handy tag that tells you where to loop them in.
  • Made from ultralight material - Features 70D high tenacity breathable lightweight ripstop nylon that shaves more than 3/4 of a pound compared to the ENO Double Nest. It also sheds weight with a pair of aluminum carabiners and a lighter nylon rope.
  • Environmentally friendly production - ENO is a company that is always thinking about how they can reduce their impact on the environment. They attempt not to waste any fabric in production. This may result in you receiving a hammock whose colour combination is different than advertised. 
  • Innovative suspension system (Whoopie Sling)  - The Whoopie sling is not a new innovation for hammock suspension systems. It has been used for years but ENO is the first brand to mass produce it. It may take you a few minutes to understand how to operate them but they do have advantages over other suspension systems. They are significantly lighter than the Atlas Straps, but not quite as long or as strong. They are 8 feet long and have a weight limit of 300 pounds. 


  • More suitable for smaller adults - The Sub7 suits a smaller person and anyone taller than 5’10” would struggle to sleep comfortably. The hammock isn’t that wide at the shoulders and you may have sleep with your shoulders across your chest. The best hammock sleeping position is diagonally and it may be quite difficult to get in that position.
  • Have to purchase straps separately - Straps are sold separately for all ENO hammocks. Buy Eagles Nest Helios Whoopie Sling Suspension System  for an easy setup anywhere!
  • Limited protection against the elements  - The downsize of the lighter material is that it is very thin, thus much cooler. You will feel any type of breeze on your back. Therefore you will need a mattress pad or under-quilt to get a comfortable sleep. This is even the case for most people on a warm night.

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