Camping Hammock Buying Advice and Tips

Camping Hammock Buying Tips

A camping hammock provides campers a range of benefits. The item is often priced reasonably and it is light in terms of weight which makes it easy to bring when you go camping. A hammock requires tying to an upright support or a tree so it will be a few inches off of the ground.

Sleeping and resting will be more comfortable for the user—they won’t have to deal with insects or other bugs. Compared to a tent, a hammock can be set up and transport, plus they are also washable and available in a nice selection of colors.

Lots of campers prefer hammocks over a sleeping bag since they are more comfortable to sleep on. Some models are built with mesh material too so you will be shielded from mosquitoes and other flying pests. These items are available in a range of sizes—some can fit a single person while bigger ones can contain up to two people. The standard capacity of these items for a single individual is at around 250-350 pounds and it can also fit bigger individuals without hassle.

One can tie a hammock up on a tree and take in the beauty of the nature and a star-filled summer night. The hammock is built with all the accessories and parts it requires to work properly from hooks down to pre-secured knots so that all the users will have to do is close the hooks with a dependable, strong tree branch. The camping hammock is a necessity if you want to spend your days and nights outdoors.

It can also be given as a gift to your friends or family who enjoys camping or hiking. This will be greatly appreciated since it will up the level of their camping experience and it will also provide a personal impression.

Giving a gift that will improve their outdoor experience will be a great reflection of their long-time interest and it will also display the thought and the care that you have placed into the gift.

Camping hammocks have proven to be a safer alternative compared to sleeping on the ground surface. As mentioned earlier, you will not have to put up with insects like spiders, ants, and other sorts of pests that can crawl all over you.

Because of this reason alone, the hammock is a preferred resting item for lots of campers who are a little wary about sleeping outdoors. Because you are not sleeping on a hard and cold surface, you will also discover that sleeping and resting in a hammock is a lot more comfortable.

The item is also a better alternative for inflatable mattresses since they are lightweight and makes for easier transport. Then again, they are much more comfortable to sleep on as well.

In terms of safety, as long as you have set up and tied the hammock properly, it’s safe to use the item. You must first test the hammock out to guarantee that it will not fall to the ground before using it.

In terms of the item’s disadvantages, it is that one might feel colder compared to sleeping on the ground surface. This is due to the fact that the user will be completely surrounded by chilly air and the heat coming from the person’s body is not there to warm up the ground surface underneath the user. Thus if you want to use a hammock for sleeping, make sure that you employ a bit more insulation.

Kinds of Hammocks

For this camping hammock buying guide, we are going to list the 4 common types that you need to know.

Parachute nylon singles

This type of camping hammock is ultra-durable and provides a bit of stretch that makes sleeping and resting more comfortable for the user. It is capable of fitting a single user sufficiently well and many will find the item a comfort to sleep in.

Parachute nylon doubles

This kind is designed bigger and wider than the single parachute nylon type. It is capable of accommodating two individuals, however, only one person will be able to rest or sleep comfortably.

The additional width it was designed which makes it a better option for camping in locations with colder or wetter climate since the hammock provides a slim chance of users having to expose their feet or shoulders to the cold. It is also more comfortable for bigger individuals or folks who want ample sleeping space.

Ultra-lightweight hammocks

This kind of hammock is made with lightweight materials and it highlights its convenient weight and compact form. It is ideal for quick and light hiking or backpacking excursions or for placing in a carry-all bag and taking the item on an airplane. However, they are not as comfortable as the parachute nylon type. The item can easily fit campers with small to average built. It is the recommended hammock type if you are concerned with pack weight.

Backcountry and expedition hammocks

The ones meant for backcountry and expedition use are made with quality, durable high-denier nylon. This kind of material is also found on higher end backpacker tents. These hammocks have additional features as well like guidelines to make bug nets and supplementary space.

When it comes to selecting a proper model, you have to first decide what hammock you will use the most each time. As a rule, the bigger ones is the most suggested for camp outings. This kind is built with a mosquito net to keep insects away and they are also designed wider to take in a sleeping bag.

The items that are recommended for relaxing at the campsite will not require a bug net and they are smaller in size too, which makes them a breezes to pack and carry.

Furthermore, you have to take into account a model that will fit you comfortably. The most important factors you have to consider is your body weight and height. If you have a bigger built, you can opt for a model with a wider design and made with durable materials.

For smaller folks and individuals who want to pack easy, they can opt for the lightweight options. For camping, you have to consider the location of too, its climate and weather condition should be considered. Look for hammocks that include rain tarps and bug nets to fend mosquitoes in wet locations. You can also upgrade an open hammock with accessories.

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